Sunday, 3 March 2013

'Women In Art - Behind the Canvas' Museum Project

For this project, we teamed up with some students on the Creative Writing course. They were writing some creative and critical pieces to go into a booklet and they asked us to provide the illustrations. This booklet (one for adults, one for children) is going to accompany the current exhibition at the Plymouth Museum called  'Women in Art - Behind the Canvas'.

These were two of our cover ideas for the adult booklet - though a different design was decided on eventually. These covers were a joint effort with fellow illustrators: Abby drew the frame design, Rhiannon did the typography, whilst Andjela and I drew the objects and women to go into the frames. 

Cover 1

Cover 2

These next illustrations were to accompany two pieces of writing inside the booklet. We agreed as a group that we were going to illustrate our own interpretation of the original paintings/objects that the written pieces were based on. This first one is 'Mrs. Osborne'.

This next illustration was for the story 'The Lady in Lace' which was based on a piece of delicate lace on show in the museum.

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